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    Omg this is me. Tick tick tick.

  2. says:

    I’m assuming you had some type of blood work done to get a real dx. What test were done? I need blood work and have a lot of these symptoms but I’m not so sure the right testing is being done.

    • Andrea stay tuned for part 2 which is coming out later this week. but yes blood work and probably the most effective test was a saliva test. blood work only takes one snapshot at one single moment in time whereas saliva is over an entire day. a combination of both will give you a good picture.

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        So would it be beneficial to do both or just saliva? If both, what blood test did they do and where did it show the imbalance? Did they do testosterone, T2 and T3, cortisol, estrogen, etc.? I haven’t been diagnosed yet but I have a lot of these symptoms and would like to make sure I get the right test done. Thank you for all your info. I have really enjoyed reading your posts!

  3. Marie says:

    This is totally me! Which doctors/ specialists did you see? I live in Perth too.
    Thanks 😄

  4. Alex says:

    Ive just been and spent hundreds of $$ seeing an endocrinologist who does not believe in adrenal fatigue and has told me to rest!

    Ive been suffering for a good 18months now and been dismissed by multiple GP’s, womens health doctors and now an endocrinologist.

    It has been the most frustrating journey and I have no idea what to now do as no one seems to believe than im unwell, ive got majority of those symptoms and ever since i depleted my body doing bikini comps ive been struggling day in day out.

    I dont know where else to go 🙁

    • says:

      Don’t gve up! i too was knowcked back by many GP’s and specialists. I Kept researching and asking people and found my doctor now via a referral. I also tried to do everything i could to better myself by chnaging my lifetsyle so keep reasearching and doing every little thing you can.
      Ask for a saliva panel test from your endo anyway and then see where all of those levels are at. just keep going you will find the answers

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