So if you are keeping up with me on social media you would have seen I thought this video was 18 minutes long! Turns out my camera was playing tricks on me and it was only 8 minutes! Thank goodness! I knew I could talk, but seriously that was ridiculous haha

Ok so down to business...

In this Vlog, I talk about the results of my changes I made last week plus incorporating a few new things this week. The human body is an amazing thing and even though you think you have it all figured out, believe me when I say it's definitely smarter than you!

See what I’m doing to break one of the worst plateaus I have ever had, and it involves more food and less cardio!

Watch my Vlog below...

In case you want to skip forward...

0.44 Recap of last week
1.45 How I’m tracking my progress
2.08 Results after new approach last week
3.10 The struggle now from low caloric deficit
3.59 What I tried this week just gone – new method
5.12 What happened as a result
6.00 Other options for plateaus and what I have done
7.00 An extra note from me

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