Now that the girls know how to take care of themselves a little better at that time of the month (read more here), guys I thought I owe it to you to give you the inside scoop of how to survival that crazy week month after month.

So you have done your best to be comforting, you can't seem to think of anything else nice to say, anything you do say is either held against you or she simply just breaks out in tears. Then you try to comfort her and she gets angry, you offer her chocolate and she thinks you are calling her fat. Really you just feel like you cannot win, right? You poor things. I do feel a little sorry for you, but then again you are not the ones going through this horrible ordeal. So here are some ways you can help get the both of you through it, and hopefully keep you in one piece for the week.

Tread carefully when asked, "How do I look"?

The is the ultimate ambush question, you are pretty much screwed no matter how you answer this. This is because we are seriously feeling gross and bloated and the last thing we want to do is step out of the house, in public for any kind of event (unless it's a trip to tutti frutti) so if she asks you how she looks, firstly pretend to actually care. Nothing rubs us up the wrong way like someone saying you look fine just to get us out of the house on time. Plus FINE is not an option because no one ever wants to look "fine". If your comeback is "you look beautiful in anything you wear”… wrong! Again this means you don’t care or it means I look fat and you just don’t want to tell me.

One thing you could try to do is say “you look gorgeous, followed by a cuddle” but important note, before you head in for the cuddle just wait for the reaction, if you get a glare I would start backing out of the room slowly.

Thou shall pass no judgement

When the hunger and cravings set in, the last thing you should do is judge what she eats. I don't care what kind of diet she is on or if she said she was trying to be healthy last week, if she wants some pizza and ice cream then let her have it. Even though I have given the ladies some extra tips on how to stay on track during this time, chances are they are still going to have a moment where they just want to eat the world. If that's the case then let her. She will feel guilty enough on her own the next day, she doesn’t need you to pass judgement on her as well.

Be a man and pick up supplies

Periods are a fact of life. I said it periods, and ill say it again, periods. So whatever you do, just don't be that guy who gets all funny about it. It's going to happen every single month for the rest of her life so you need to grow a pair and accept it without being squeamish. That being said, if she needs you to pick up some girly supplies, don't act like it's the end of the world. If a girl runs out of supplies, she is in trouble and extra stress is not what she needs right now, so be a gentleman and on your grocery shop just throw in some extra goodies, she will love you for it. Oh, and on a side note guys, tampon size does NOT correlate with your junk size, it's about flow. So if you are unsure just grab an assortment of sizes and she can figure out the rest OK?

Do not bring up PMS. EVER!

We know that we get a little extra moody at this time, or maybe even a little irrational or just completely insane. But the last thing we need is to be told we are being hormonal, believe me, we can feel it all happening WE KNOW. So if you happen to peeve her off (which you probably will) whatever you do, do NOT blame it on the PMS. If you value your life you won't do that ever. Plus sometimes we are actually feeling just fine, and if you blame any mood swing or reaction on being hormonal, this is just going to hurt our feelings and make us even more mad at you. The best thing you can do is just admit defeat (even if you 100% know you are right) then proceed to back out of the room slowly and come back when she has cooled down.

Don’t make it all about you

This is the week where I'm sorry guys but you are probably NOT going to get any action. So seriously do not even try. If she wants anything to trust me she will ask for it. It's such a crap week for the ladies so the last thing they want to do is "service" you just because you can't get any. If you still can't seem to get your head around this, have a friend punch you in the stomach about 20 times real hard, every hour. Then let's see how in the mood you feel to do any servicing. Well don't do that but you get my point. Just be cute, give her kisses and cuddles, and trust me you will most likely get rewarded once the storm is over.

Calm the storm

As you may have guessed by now she is going to be a little bit of an emotional roller-coaster. You probably are not going to do anything right and she is going to cry… some women more than others but there is generally at least one set of tears that come flowing even for no apparent reason. Let me give you one piece of advice if she cries at any point in time, but especially this week, do not get all awkward and walk away leaving her alone because you don't know what to say or how to respond. It's quite simple.. if she cries no words are even needed. A big loving hug fixes everything. Don’t believe me? Try it. When we feel emotional, we feel vulnerable and helpless, there is nothing better than a big man hug to make everything better.

So if you had no idea how to survive that tie of the month, now you have a few tools to help you get through. Your welcome in advance ☺

Ladies if I have missed anything out make sure you leave a comment below. It's time to teach the men how it's done!