Booties … let's face it we all have one and we all al want a nice one. Have you ever caught yourself checking out someone else butt? I know I have, I do it all the time. It's not a sexual thing, but when I see a girl (or guy) with a bootylicious booty that clearly squats, one can not help themselves but take a moment to appreciate a nice round looking behind. If you say you haven't then I think you are in denial or missing out!

We all want that butt that turns people heads down the street, and one that doesn’t jiggle every time you bust out a move on the dance floor, or merely take a step down the street. Plus let's face it, everyone one wants to look good naked. It's one thing to have a big butt, but it's another thing to have a strong, firm, round butt. 

Now I know ladies that I'm going on about nice butts, so how do we even get one? Or improve the super amazing one you already have?

There are so many tips and tricks and fads out there, but really in order to get your booty popping you need to put some work on it in the gym!! (Or at home). You need to treat it like any other part of your body that you want to tone up and tighten by getting those glutes working hard and activating!

Here are 5 ways that you can build a better booty.

1. Practice progressive overload

Firstly, I know what you are thinking, what the heck is this fancy phrase, Nina? Don't worry its actually quite simple. It just means to continue to challenge yourself. For example, when you workout do you do the same exercises with the same weight, same repetitions every week because it's comfortable? Or you don't want to get too bulky? 

Well firstly, you won't get too bulky, remember ladies we don't produce enough testosterone for that, simple! And 2 you need to challenge your body. It is very good at adapting. So when you train your glutes (or any other muscle group) you need to continually make the weight heavier, or add more repetitions, or sets to add extra “load” over time in order to keep adding a stimulus for your body to adapt too. So keep challenging your butt and it will do you wonders.

2. Make extra dates with your glutes

As I explained above, your glutes will begin to adapt the more you train them and you will need to alter your workouts to compensate. as you get stronger to you will need to start working them more frequently. Start with one glute session per week. As you get stronger over time you may need to add another session, then a third, even a fourth. But this takes TIME I'm talking months and even years. But the point here is that as you plateau you may need to increase the frequency of your workouts. In my opinion, I would train every muscle group twice per week. In regards to your glutes try adding in a "heavier" day with lower-moderate reps, and a day where you incorporate more band work with high reps to feel more of a "burn". You can even add a quick 10minute glute circuit at the end of any other session that you do.

3. Mix it up

Your glutes will get bored, just like you will if you don't shake it up. I think of anything worse than doing the same mind-numbing workouts week after week. I'd rather not even go. Your glutes will get to a point where they stop responding if you continue doing the same thing over and over. Make sure you continue changing your exercises or simply adding different variations. For example, you may do the "hip thrust" in each workout, but one week may be with a heavier load, another week may be lighter with extra bands, there are many ways you can mix it up to make sure you keep that booty burning.

4. Thou must hip thrust!

If you have seen this move, it's pretty strange looking, and a little sexual. I swear the 20kg squat bar gets more action in the gym than most men do! But if you want a nice booty you need to get over the girly giggles and thrust like you have never thrusted before. The barbell hip thrust is one of my staple exercises for building amazing glutes. It takes so much less skill than squats or deadlifts and engages more glute. Basically, it's such an easy move to master with good form and you can get stronger performing it very quickly. Don't believe me? Check out my 200kg hip thrust HERE. The stronger your glutes become over time 9-back to that progressive overload), the firmer and rounder they will become. So get thrusting.

5. Do whatever turns them on

Every booty is different and therefore we need to treat them differently. But how? You ask? Well, lets put it this way, just because you see someone else doing all sorts of booty building exercises in the gym doesn't mean that you should do them too. You need to try a variety of exercises for sure. But if you do not feel your glutes activating much when you perform certain exercises, then you do not need to do them just because your favourite fitness model is doing them. Some exercises kill my glutes so I make sure I make that priority in my workouts and use them with different variations. But other exercises don't really get my glutes turning on no matter how hard I focus on them squeezing. That’s OK because we are all built differently and certain exercises will stimulate glutes more than others depending on the individual. Pick your favourite burners and make then your staple.

Most importantly I want to remind you all that you need to stay consistent. Building beautiful glute muscle takes time with consistent training, week after week, if you train them sporadically then you probably won't see the results you want. You also need to fuel your body. I cannot stress this enough. Your body needs adequate calories with a decent amount of protein, carbohydrates and fats in order to not to function optimally, but to give you fuel to work out as well as allowing your body to recover. Recovery means you muscle will repair which will rebuild your glutes after a session, giving you a head turning booty in no time.

If you aren't a head turning booty, but you don't know where to start with your training and nutrition then you can connect me and ask me for some advice. After all, that is what I am here for. Let's connect now -->