Body image issues … it's something that so many women have… if not all women at times,  but it's almost like a taboo topic to ever talk about. Everybody goes through it but nobody actually shares you they really feel about themselves. I used to be in a very bad mental mindset about my body. I have been at both ends of the spectrum at 55kgs and at 72 kgs. I can tell you right now that unexpectedly I actually was just as critical about myself regardless of what the weight was. This was because I wasn't happy with who I was from the inside, so no matter what I did to change my external appearance I simply just did not appreciate any aspect of it.

Over time I made a conscious effort to change my mindset and the way I viewed my body. We always seem to be chasing perfection, but in reality, the perfect body does not exist and simply never will. Once you can learn to accept that then you can learn to appreciate your body for where it is now, even if that's not where you want to be in the long run, that's OK. Appreciating your body for how is it NOW will only be a positive if you choose to improve it to where you want to be. It takes time, just one day at a time, but there are some things you can you daily to help you learn to love your body and appreciate all of its perfect imperfections.

How can you learn to love your body just that little bit more each day?

☑️ Be proud of your strong body to give it exercise, nourishment because you will only ever have one body, it is with you for life, so treat it well.

☑️ Ditch the scale stop obsessing over a number. A number does not define who you are and it surely does not determine how you actually look. If you are resistance training you may be heavier from building lean muscle so if you physique is changing then the number should not matter.

☑️ Cellulite, we all have it but there is so much more to life than worrying about cellulite! But of it bothers you try some dry body brushing and resistance training or lose a little bit of body fat.

☑️ Appreciate how hard your body works for you every day and all the little things it does. We throw everything at our bodies daily but take a little time to appreciate it.

☑️ Talk to your body like you would talk to your best friend. Give it words of encouragement praise and motivation. This works wonders!

☑️ Do not compare your body to others it is its own unique being. You can admire the body of others but also admire the strong points of your own body. We all want something we don't have and that's ok as long as we are happy with some of the things we do have.f

☑️ Cut your body some slack and focus on what it can do and do it well rather than what it can't  do. Training is a skill, like anything else, it takes time to build form, strength, endurance so focus on what you can do and slowly work on the things you need to improve on.

☑️ Just breathe when you are stressed and allow your body to relax. Breathing or taking 5 minutes to yourself can help your body de-stress. There is only so much it can take so take moments to be extra kind to it.

☑️ Work with your body type and learn to love it. If you have curves make them strong and beautiful rather hen trying to be stick thin if this is not your body type. Don’t change who you are, simply embrace it and run with it.

☑️ Focus on what helps you feel good and do it often, because well who doesn’t want to feel good. Start by starting each day with telling yourself 3 things you love about your body.

And once you get through all of these give yourself a big cuddle!! Then repeat them, again and again, each day!