Even though I follow flexible dieting principles I still take the time to ensure most of my food is prepped so I have meals ready to go. It really is true that in order to succeed you do need to put some effort in the be organised and prepared. I LOVE flexible dieting because if I do forget to pack food I can make do making some smart choices on the go, however for the most optimal results I still prepare the majority of my food each day. Whether you follow flexible dieting or you are sticking to a set meal plan it's important to be organised. This can be a tedious task for some so here are some tips to help make it a little easier for you.

 ☑️ Plan your meals!

You can’t prep if you don’t have a plan! Be organised and plan for success. If you are tracking macros plan your meals in advance for a given day so you know exactly what you need to have in order to hit your macro intake.

☑️  Make a grocery list

Once you have planned your meals roughly for your week make your grocery list. When you go food shopping and you stick to your list, you waste less money on junk, you waste less food by buying too much on a whim, and you waste less time mindlessly wandering up and down the aisles. Also never go food shopping hungry trust me it never ends well!

☑️ Set aside time to prepare your food 

Meal planning and prep take time, but it doesn’t have to be a ridiculously long task! I personally prep food each night where I cook enough food to last me for dinner and the next day. However, you can do whatever works for you. You may choose to cook up batches of food a few times per week or even once a week. Simply freeze a portion of it if needed.

☑️ Organise your fridge

I always have easy go-to items in my fridge. Have plenty of protein options with meats, eggs, yoghurts whatever you prefer. Ensure there is plenty of fresh vegetables so that you get all of your micronutrients too.

☑️ Buy it big; divide it small

If you have the storage space and the ability to do so, buy anything you can in bulk sizes. It’s a cost saver, and it will keep you from making multiple trips to the store. You can freeze most foods so I always make sure I have some frozen items handy in case I run out of any items that I usually have.

☑️ Cook in bulk 

Cooking each meal in the pan can take FOREVER so simply don’t do it!  Use the oven or BBQ and cook a bunch of meat and vegetables to last you a few days.  You can use this for your lunches or just to have extra you can put in the freezer for emergencies.

☑️ Always have back-up options

Have back-ups like frozen vegetables and frozen fruits in your freezer for when you run of fresh options or don’t have time to cook everything. I try to have a few pre-prepped meals already in the freezer too.

☑️  Eat a variety

Above all have a variety of foods that you enjoy because life is too short there are no magic foods it's all about macronutrients and caloric intake, so still eat the foods you LOVE because life is too short and you CAN still get results incorporating these into your intake. There is no way I could survive without a tub of ice cream.