When it comes to results, consistency is key. So below are 3 things you need to know.

Ever try and count your macros/track your food then you go over or under by 10-20g for the day and you feel you failed so you throw it all out the window?? Well, don't! Tracking doesn't have to be stressful and if you don’t nail it it's still ok! Many of us get caught up in the idea of being 100% perfect on any "meal plan" and if you are not the most common reaction is to fall off the wagon completely then just start again on "Monday".

Well, tracking macros are NOT just a meal plan but rather a lifestyle change. When it comes to progress what matters the most is how consistent you can be over time, rather than how perfect you can be for just one week or two. so there are a few helpful hints to make sure you stay as consistent as possible for a lifetime.

3 tiers of tracking your daily intake

Tier 1 – nail it

When you “nail it” you are hitting your exact macro requirements within a couple of grams. This takes time to master and even I still have trouble doing this some days. But the more accurate you can be then the better your results will most likely be too. Hitting your overall macros within 10grams overall is still very accurate. For example, you may be out by 2 grams of protein, 4 grams of carbs and 2 grams on fat. That is still within 10grams and if you hit this master level then you need to give yourself a pat on the back because being this accurate is a win in itself.

Tier 2 – Nail your Protein first

Hit your protein intake exactly (or within 5-10 grams) because and then make up your remaining calories with carbs and fats. One of the most important macros you should focus on nailing is your protein and spreading this out over 30-40 gram doses 4-5 times a day. Protein is the building block of your entire body and you need an adequate amount to repair your lean muscle tissue. However in terms of fat loss or muscle gain, the remaining macros can come from any ratio of carbs and fats as long as overall calories are met. Everyone does respond differently to higher carb/lower fat or vice versa, however, a couple of days of this won't do any harm in reaching your goals in the long run. So don't sweat it if you muck up your carb intake and overshoot, you can just lower your fats to hit your overall calories.

Tier 3 – overall calories

Hit your overall caloric intake if you have messed up your macro ratios. I actually do this once per week anyway. It's usually a Saturday where I like to head out for dinner and there is no way I can guess the exact macros of a restaurant meal. But I can absolutely estimate the overall caloric content of a meal. So over you mess things up don't sweat it as long as you don't overeat on your calories then you will stay on track for the long run.

You don't need to be perfect every day because life happens, but you do need to stay as consistent as possible. So put a stop to throwing in the towel and falling off the wagon because you "messed up"  its time to make a lifestyle change and stick with it!