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Ladies, there is that one week out of every month where we feel like an absolute watery bloated mess! Periods seriously suck. It's bad enough that your hormones are raging and you become super emotional and sensitive, but then you decide to torture yourself even further by stepping on the scales. Then you freak out because you weight has increased so you eat more food to comfort yourself. It really is an uphill battle I know we have all been in that place before. But it's not all bad, your boobs get bigger and congratulations you are not pregnant! You have successfully made it through another month of baby free sex. And here’s to another month! So instead of heading into an emotional downward spiral that can hinder your long term progress let me give you some pointers on how to survive your monthly period with a little more ease.

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Bloating. That one thing that makes you just feel yuk and keeps you from wearing that little tight dress that is snug in all the right places. But it's that big bump in your tummy that makes you look about 3 months pregnant which can stop you from whipping out that little cute number and instead opt for something that resembles a potato sack. Sound familiar?

Bloating is, unfortunately, something that is quite common, I doubt that there is a woman out there who has not experienced a bloated belly in her life. It is definitely not something that is normal, it's uncomfortable and we want it gone, yesterday!

When you are bloated it is your gut telling you that it's not happy however sometimes it can be difficult to tell figure out what exactly is making us bloated.

So why are you bloated and what are the things that can cause digestive stress?

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Do you ever find that you are feeling great one day, then you wake up the next day 2 kilos heavier with swollen ankles and fingers, along with everything else? Water retention is a common factor in women especially when hormones come into play. There are several reasons why we can have water retention issues, and many of them are not so serious don’t fret just yet.

I know how frustrating it can be to be seeing some great results then feeling very disheartened when the weight on the scale goes up out of nowhere. It's OK it can just be a fluid fluctuation, and if you are doing everything correctly, in most cases it is just that. Women generally experience water retention during their time of the month of obviously during pregnancy.

However, it can also be common in people who are inactive such as if you sit at a desk all day, or go on a long flight. But don’t worry there a few things you can do to keep your water retention at bay.

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The 6-pack! The one thing that we all want, a nice taught flat tummy with a few baby abs popping out to show off in bikini season (or all year round). But abs always seem to be the hardest body part to maintain because they are forever hidden under a layer in hibernation just waiting for the day they can pop out and be shown off to the world.

Here are my top 9 tips to help you have amazing abs to show off all the time...

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