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Ladies, there is that one week out of every month where we feel like an absolute watery bloated mess! Periods seriously suck. It's bad enough that your hormones are raging and you become super emotional and sensitive, but then you decide to torture yourself even further by stepping on the scales. Then you freak out because you weight has increased so you eat more food to comfort yourself. It really is an uphill battle I know we have all been in that place before. But it's not all bad, your boobs get bigger and congratulations you are not pregnant! You have successfully made it through another month of baby free sex. And here’s to another month! So instead of heading into an emotional downward spiral that can hinder your long term progress let me give you some pointers on how to survive your monthly period with a little more ease.

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I'm often on the go and there are days when I need to have a convenient snack available in my handbag or in my car. Although I follow flexible dieting that allows me to pick something up from the nearest gas station, I often find that the selection of healthier snacks is not the best. 

So whenever I have som spare time I make sure that I make these BBN Choc Protein Balls. Beside from being delicious and being able to satisfy my chocolate craving, they are also great as you can keep them in the freezer. 

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So you love chocolate? Me too. The other day I wrote a blog article about binge eating and that restrictive diets can have a negative impact on you and your relationship with food. In this blog article, I will elaborate further about flexible dieting and how this can give you the option of having chocolate every day and still get a banging body.

When I found the flexible dieting approach I can honestly say that it changed my life for the better. After years of restrictive dieting and binge eating cycles I was in my worst health state ever, both physically and mentally.

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If you find yourself being short of time in the morning, often skipping breakfast, you are not alone. You are one out of many women and men who often skip breakfast due to lack of time.

But don’t panic, I’ve got a solution for you. Try this Chia Breakfast Pudding found in my program Body By Nina. Prepare this recipe the night before to have it ready in the morning. You can even prepare chia puddings for 2-3 days in advance. But for the best result try making it the night before.

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