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I had such an incredible response to my hormone blog last week (‘Are your hormones out of whack?’ You can read it HERE if you missed it). It was like opening up a can of worms.

I think so many of us have symptoms and we just ignore them because we feel they are just the norm but in actual fact, some symptoms can be a vital sign that your body is not operating at an optimal level.

So I want to follow up and talk about hormone in further detail for you all because they are such a complex mechanism. So many women are affected by a thyroid disorder in one form or another, particular a slow thyroid (hypothyroidism) so let's dive in a little deeper into what to look for if your thyroid is giving your trouble.

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You may be trying to eat well and exercises or even follow a nutrition plan and training regime to an absolute Tee, but no matter what you do the weight just des not seem to want to budge. Instead, you find yourself getting crazy food cravings, you are frazzled, emotional, tired, stressed, even when life is peachy in other aspects.

Sound familiar? So many women complain about symptoms like this and talk about it with their girlfriends as an accepted norm, however even though symptoms are very varied, they may be an indication that there is an imbalance of hormones happening.

Hormone imbalance in women can come about for many reasons such as yo-yo dieting, lack of sleep, stress, pollutants, chemicals, poor nutrition to name a few. And in many cases (particularly from my own experience) imbalanced hormones generally go unnoticed and cause determent to your body under the radar, in many cases, doctors will dismiss any underlying issue without any diagnosis. 

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The 6-pack! The one thing that we all want, a nice taught flat tummy with a few baby abs popping out to show off in bikini season (or all year round). But abs always seem to be the hardest body part to maintain because they are forever hidden under a layer in hibernation just waiting for the day they can pop out and be shown off to the world.

Here are my top 9 tips to help you have amazing abs to show off all the time...

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