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Booties … let's face it we all have one and we all al want a nice one. Have you ever caught yourself checking out someone else butt? I know I have, I do it all the time. It's not a sexual thing, but when I see a girl (or guy) with a bootylicious booty that clearly squats, one can not help themselves but take a moment to appreciate a nice round looking behind. If you say you haven't then I think you are in denial or missing out!

We all want that butt that turns people heads down the street, and one that doesn’t jiggle every time you bust out a move on the dance floor, or merely take a step down the street.

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The secret is out of the BAG...literally! Well, it's really no secret, but I have a few little things that live in my gym bag that I just cannot live without. So if you are a beginner or a gym veteran, some of these are essential to help make sure you keep your workouts on track.

Shaker Bottle

There is ALWAYS a clean shaker bottle in my gym bag. I opt for a shaker instead of a water bottle because if I want to mix up any of my supplements, then it is much easier to do so in a shaker. It's so important to stay hydrated not only during your workout but throughout the whole day, so a shaker or some form of a water bottle is definitely a MUST.

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