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Even though I follow a flexible dieting structure with my nutrition, I still need do some form of meal prepping in my week. I try to meal prep as much as possible to ensure that I’ve got meals ready in the fridge. It is also what I encourage you to do in my program as well, since having ready-to-go meals will allow you to eat nutritious meals every day. 

To me, this is really important, especially since I am pretty time poor and always on the go. However, sometimes life simply gets too hectic, and I just don’t have time to even meal prep (or I simply have not had a chance to grab my groceries). So, if this would ever happen to you, don’t panic! There are plenty of healthy lunches you can make even if you are time poor like myself that will keep you on track with your goals and keep your taste buds happy.

Below I’ve outlined three of my go-to recipes that I use. And the best part? They will take 10 minutes or less to prepare. Simply go to your nearest grocery store during your lunch break to pick up a few items that you can throw together. 

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