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If you follow me on SnapChat (Bubblenini) then you would now how much i LOVE protein smoothies. That is because i am always snapping them, in the morning or after the gym, or just any time of the day as a snack really!


Something i hear a lot of is “i don’t have time to make a healthy meal”. we if you smoothie, then yes you do

My smoothies are packed with protein, they incorporate carbohydrates and fats and you can adjust the macros to ensure they suit any nutritional time of the day. Plus they taste awesome so WIN WIN.


My Go-To Smoothie Recipes

I always get asked whether to do cardio fasted… so i am here to answer the question for you!

Cardio. its one of those things that does need to be done sometimes, as much as i opt for the weights first! But is it better to do it fasted (without eating) or to eat first? Many people perform fasted cardio in the morning becasue of the idea that they will burn more fat when doing so. his has been the norm in the fitness world for such a long time and is something i too used to do in te past without even questioning the benefits. so is it true? is fasted cardio better than performing cardio in a fed state.?


Should you do fasted cardio?

Breakfast is always a hard one for most people. We are surround by cereals and sugary breakfast options everywhere which load us with carbohydrates. Now I do follow flexible dieting so I have nothing against sugar and cereals, however, unless you are doing a workout in the morning, eating a high carbohydrate meal may leave you hungry and lethargic soon after your meal.



Even though I follow flexible dieting principles I still take the time to ensure most of my food is prepped so I have meals ready to go. It really is true that in order to succeed you do need to put some effort in the be organised and prepared. I LOVE flexible dieting because if I do forget to pack food I can make do making some smart choices on the go, however for the most optimal results I still prepare the majority of my food each day. Whether you follow flexible dieting or you are sticking to a set meal plan it’s important to be organised. This can be a tedious task for some so here are some tips to help make it a little easier for you.



Body image issues … it’s something that so many women have… if not all women at times,  but it’s almost like a taboo topic to ever talk about. Everybody goes through it but nobody actually shares you they really feel about themselves. I used to be in a very bad mental mindset about my body. I have been at both ends of the spectrum at 55kgs and at 72 kgs. I can tell you right now that unexpectedly I actually was just as critical about myself regardless of what the weight was. This was because I wasn’t happy with who I was from the inside, so no matter what I did to change my external appearance I simply just did not appreciate any aspect of it. 



When it comes to results, consistency is key. So below are 3 things you need to know.

Ever try and count your macros/track your food then you go over or under by 10-20g for the day and you feel you failed so you throw it all out the window?? Well, don’t! Tracking doesn’t have to be stressful and if you don’t nail it it’s still ok! Many of us get caught up in the idea of being 100% perfect on any “meal plan” and if you are not the most common reaction is to fall off the wagon completely then just start again on “Monday”.



Are you training hard and eating healthy but still can’t see results??

Trust me I have been there too and I know how frustrating it can be to feel like you are doing everything right, but no matter what you do there is no shift in your weight or body composition. Its ok take a deep breath and refrain from throwing in the towel just yet. If you are not seeing results, then chances are you are missing something somewhere along the line. Fat loss can be a complex thing. It doesn’t always happen as easily as we would like it too. But that is because there are so many factors that play a role in helping your body lose fat. You are not smarter than your body, believe it or not, your body knows exactly what is going on. The last thing it wants to do is lose fat because it wants to stay in its “happy place” in balance with plenty of food and minimal exercise. But there are a few things you can do ensure you keep your progress in check.

Exercise, Nutrition


Booties … let’s face it we all have one and we all al want a nice one. Have you ever caught yourself checking out someone else butt? I know I have, I do it all the time. It’s not a sexual thing, but when I see a girl (or guy) with a bootylicious booty that clearly squats, one can not help themselves but take a moment to appreciate a nice round looking behind. If you say you haven’t then I think you are in denial or missing out!

We all want that butt that turns people heads down the street, and one that doesn’t jiggle every time you bust out a move on the dance floor, or merely take a step down the street.



So many people want to track their macros but so many of you just don’t know where to start. I don’t blame you, with all of the information our there it can all get a little confusing. But before we get into it something to keep in mind is that there is no perfect caloric intake and no magical macro ratio. Calculating your macros for the first time or for a new goal is merely a starting point. If you calculate your macros and after a week you have not seen the results you are looking for then don’t fret, you may just need consistency and some possible adjustments. The point of tracking macros is to have a calculated intake which then allows you to make adjustments depending on your weekly progress. It’s important not to overthink it, just find an intake that is calculated according to your stats and is suited to your goals, then go from there



Macros… you may have heard this word floating around lately. People are counting their macros, using macro ratios, fitting all sorts of fun food into their macros. But I know some of you are asking, what are macros in the first place? And why do I need to count them?

Well, let me break it down for you simply so you can understand what all the fuss is about.