If you follow me on SnapChat (Bubblenini) then you would now how much i LOVE protein smoothies. That is because i am always snapping them, in the morning or after the gym, or just any time of the day as a snack really!


Something i hear a lot of is “i don’t have time to make a healthy meal”. we if you smoothie, then yes you do

My smoothies are packed with protein, they incorporate carbohydrates and fats and you can adjust the macros to ensure they suit any nutritional time of the day. Plus they taste awesome so WIN WIN.


My Go-To Smoothie Recipes

I always get asked whether to do cardio fasted… so i am here to answer the question for you!

Cardio. its one of those things that does need to be done sometimes, as much as i opt for the weights first! But is it better to do it fasted (without eating) or to eat first? Many people perform fasted cardio in the morning becasue of the idea that they will burn more fat when doing so. his has been the norm in the fitness world for such a long time and is something i too used to do in te past without even questioning the benefits. so is it true? is fasted cardio better than performing cardio in a fed state.?


Should you do fasted cardio?

Even though I follow flexible dieting principles I still take the time to ensure most of my food is prepped so I have meals ready to go. It really is true that in order to succeed you do need to put some effort in the be organised and prepared. I LOVE flexible dieting because if I do forget to pack food I can make do making some smart choices on the go, however for the most optimal results I still prepare the majority of my food each day. Whether you follow flexible dieting or you are sticking to a set meal plan it’s important to be organised. This can be a tedious task for some so here are some tips to help make it a little easier for you.



Now that the girls know how to take care of themselves a little better at that time of the month (read more here), guys I thought I owe it to you to give you the inside scoop of how to survival that crazy week month after month.

So you have done your best to be comforting, you can’t seem to think of anything else nice to say, anything you do say is either held against you or she simply just breaks out in tears. Then you try to comfort her and she gets angry, you offer her chocolate and she thinks you are calling her fat. Really you just feel like you cannot win, right? You poor things. I do feel a little sorry for you, but then again you are not the ones going through this horrible ordeal. So here are some ways you can help get the both of you through it, and hopefully keep you in one piece for the week.



Everyone always asks me what foods I eat every day or what my intake is. Firstly you will notice that I do not usually share my caloric intake. This is not because its a secret of any kind at all but mainly because

1. I change my intake depending on my current goals and the way my body is responding week to week, and

2. Most importantly, because just because a certain caloric intake is right for me, does not mean it is right for you and your goals.

But what I CAN share with you is the foods I incorporate each week.

As you are probably well aware by now, I practice flexible dieting. If you have missed the boat and are unsure what that is, let me remind you quickly. Flexible dieting is choosing the foods you want to eat within a flexible structure. So NO foods are off limits, the trade-off is that you need to hit a specific caloric intake and macronutrient breakdown.