What makes your program different?

My program allows you to be as flexible as possible, within certain guidelines. Most programs are very low calorie and do not give you other options or even treats and desserts, and are made up of hours of training and cardio. My program is designed to give you as much flexibility as possible because I want you to still enjoy food and have a balanced life, whilst still getting great results. I have tried my best to provide you with lots of variety and, with a little extra work, you can swap any food on the plan and you can even have dessert every day – if you choose to. This is because I believe no food should be off limits and you should be able to have the foods you love. The training is designed to be effective – rather than long and tedious – because, let’s face it, who has time to spend endless hours working out?

Does your program come with recipes?

Yes, it comes with some wonderful recipes, but it also has some meals where you can choose how you would like to prepare you food. I do, however, help you out by showing you some suggestions of how I like to prepare those meals. You could also opt to prepare those meals anyway you would like, within the guidelines.

Why have you included some recipes and then, for other meals, you have only outlined the foods?

We all like to prepare our food differently. I love my vegetables oven-baked, whilst my friend always steams hers. My program gives you the flexibility to prepare the food the way you want.

Can I swap meals from different days to other days?

No, you cannot do this, simply because your whole day is calculated to fit a target of calories, protein, carbs and fats. So, if you swap a meal from one day to another this will not add up to what is calculated for you for a given day. However, you can swap out certain foods, according to the food substitution list.

Do I need to eat every day of my meal plan?

No, you don't need to eat every day of the meal plan as it is laid out. As long as you have 5 normal days and 2 refeed days per week, you can choose your favourites. Please keep in mind that this will affect your weekly shopping list as it is based on the suggested 7-day meal plan.

If I have I favourite day, can I eat according to this day more than once?

YES! My plan is designed to be super flexible. You have 2 refeed days and 5 normal days per week. You can choose any refeed nutrition days and any normal plan days as long as you have 2 refeed days and 5 normal days per week. If you have 2-3 favourite days then you can have these the entire time if you wish. However, I do recommend utilising most days on the plan, as it is optimal to include a wide variety of foods in your diet. Keep in mind that this will affect your weekly shopping list as it is based on the suggested 7-day meal plan.

What is a refeed day?

A refeed day is when you are increasing your calories slightly. This will help reset your hormones and boost your metabolism.

When should I have a refeed day?

I would recommend for you to have your refeed days on the days your train your lower body. However, if you have a special event coming up, you can save your refeed day until then.

Is your program suitable for vegans?

Even though there is not a vegan-specific meal plan, vegans can still use this plan. As the program is designed to be flexible, vegans can exchange foods from our food list with a little extra work in order to meet their requirements and still remain in the vegan-friendly guidelines. I recommend following the vegetarian meal plan and exchanging any non vegan-friendly foods.

Is your program suitable for vegetarians?

Yes, absolutely! I have included a vegetarian-specific plan just for you.

If I need to get up early for shift work, do I eat when I wake up, or do I wait 3 hours?

Try to eat within an hour of waking. This will help kick-start your metabolism and also help with hormone regulation. You can even eat half your breakfast upon waking then half later. As long as you get all your food into your day.

Do I need to eat my meals in that exact order?

No, you do not have to. You can change the order of the day. Just make sure your post-workout smoothie is after your workout, whether that is in the morning or evening. It does not matter, just have it within an hour of your workout.

If I have a food allergy, can I still follow your program?

Yes, simply swap out any food you are allergic to by using the food exchange list. 

Why haven't you included the desserts in the shopping list?

This is because I want you to pick your favourite one. Just add the ingredients of your favourite treat to the shopping list before you head to the shops. Simple!

Can I use seasonings to prepare my meals?

Absolutely! I want your food to taste as good as possible, so seasonings, spices and herbs are 100% allowed. Just make sure your seasonings are free from sugar, MSG or anything artificial.

What is psyllium husk and where can I buy it?

Psyllium husk is a fibre that you normally can find in any health food store or health food section of your supermarket.

Do I need to do extra cardio?

No, most definitely not. The program is designed for you to do the minimal amount of work with the most optimal results.

If I don't have access to a gym, can I still follow your program?

Yes, all my workouts are suited for people who don't have access to a gym. All workouts use simple, easy-to-get equipment. 

What equipment do I need to be able to do the workouts?

To ensure you are able to do the workouts and warm-ups, I would suggest you invest in the following pieces of equipment:

  • An exercise mat

  • A broomstick

  • A skipping rope

  • Exercise band

  • Sets of dumbbells

    • 1 set of lighter dumbbells for your smaller muscle groups (eg. biceps, triceps)

    • 1 set of heavier dumbbells for your larger muscle groups (eg. legs)

Note: You might want to consider a third set that is somewhat heavier to use for your back and chest exercises.

How do I pick the right weight?

My program is designed so that you can do it at home, in the gym, or wherever you are. In regards to weight, you can use anything that is heavy, but make sure you are struggling and finding it difficult by the last few repetitions of any exercise. If it’s pretty easy and you feel like you could do a few or a lot more reps, then the weight is too light. If you cannot make it to the designated repetitions on a certain weight, then it is too heavy. It is always a good idea to do a set or 2 a little lighter and work your way up. These sets do not count as working sets. For example, if your plan says 3 sets of 10 reps and you find the first 2 sets very easy, do not count these sets. Move onto a heavier weight and count from set 1 to 3 on the new weight.