Episode #3 Grantb "Bomber" Barker - 2 x Kick Boxing World Champion

In this episode I sit down with 2 x kick boxing world champion and  Fitness and Conditioning Specialist Grant "Bomber" Barker. Grant is the creator of the "Champion Mindset Training Protocol" , Author of "7 Principles of a Champion Mindset" eBook and the "CHAMPION MINDSET CHALLENGE" 4 hour Fitness Events. 54 year old Bomber speaks out for the first time about his vision impairment disability and how it never help him back from achieving his double world title dream. Bomber also talks about the battles outside of the ring and how, as a father, he coped with his daughter's battle with Leukaemia. 


2:59 How Bomber used psychology before the fights 


4:47 What it was like to win the second world title 


5:22 Bomber talks about his vision impairment disability, what he can see and how it affected him


7:40 How Vision Impairment was never used as an excuse 


11:07 What bomber did to prepare for his second world title


15:08 Bomber talks about fame and the limelight and the understanding of what is really important in your life 


22:48 What life after fighting entailed and how he faced bankruptcy 


25:48 bomber talks through his daughter battling Lukemia and her realapse


31:59 How Bomber utilises the power of the mindset with people he works with


39:04 Bombers take on what’s wrong with the fitness industry at the moment


46:26 What bomber is doing now at 54 years old 


49:36 The Final 5 Uncut

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