EPISODE #1 Jenna Louise - Food Fears, Battling Bulimia and Australian Ninja Warrior

Jenna Louise - Creator of JL All In,  Health and fitness professional and Australian Ninja warrior - Joins me on Uncensored for the very first time and opens up about her past. She shares the story of her own personal struggles, how she recovered from years battling bulimia and what it takes to be an Australian Ninja warrior.  

Click the above video to watch the entire episode. 

2:47 - Taking control of your life and what that means to Jenna


8:13 - Jenna talks about being a cardio bunny and overcoming the fear of the weights room and how she takes exercise back to her childhood days.


12:20 - how counting calories can trigger food obsession and jenna opens up about battling Bulimia for 10 years


16:01 - Jenna goes through the steps she took to help her finally start to recover from her battle with Bulimia


21:58 - Jenna talks about what she is most proud of today after overcoming her struggles with her eating disorder


29:09 - Jenna’s experience on Australian Ninja Warrior season 1, what went wrong,  and what we can expect from her in season 2


32.40 - The Final 5 Uncut